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Our Philosophy

Uniting Early Learning operates Kingdom Kids Early Learning Centres at both our Springwood and Carbrook College Campuses. Our centres are a stepping stone to Prep at Calvary College.

Our mission is unleashing a child’s potential and this is at the heart of what we do at Kingdom Kids. Courageous research-based practices that blend contemporary and future-focused ‘playing, learning & growing’ strategies are key to your child’s development.

We work together to provide the highest possible quality and care for each child, recognising that they are all individuals, created in God’s image with a specific plan and purpose. We create safe environments where all children feel valued and respected.

It is our role to meet them where they are at and make adjustments to our approach and the environment to encourage participation and inclusion.

We seek to develop each child’s independence by setting individual goals that we will strive to help them achieve. We engage with children in positive and meaningful ways, seeing our role as facilitators of learning who proactively foster play and inquiry.

We are a team of dedicated and passionate staff who work together to deliver an appropriately balanced range of teaching and learning strategies. We develop both personal self-discipline and a strong sense of team awareness.

This is what enables us to equip each child to be an important member of the body of Christ, the family and the community they live in. It is always our intention to reflect and improve, and our vision describes our anticipated growth journey.


We are aware that we need to plan to progress and be intentional in our goal. Currently our aim is to further embed Indigenous perspectives into our environments and include authentic links to all cultures represented in our community. We seek to empower our families to partner with us to achieve the greatest outcomes for their children.


We will continue to operate as a sustainable service. We value the inclusion of all children and will continue to adjust and reflect on what we are doing to promote equity in every sense in every environment. We are actively seeking to promote children’s confidence, self-awareness and empathy skills. We know if we can assist our children in “thinking bigger” they will unlock possibilities and unleash potential.


Michelle Clarke

Director of Early Learning

Michelle is the Director of Kingdom Kids (Early Learning) and holds an Advanced Diploma in Children’s services. She has 30 years experience in Early Years Education in various roles - ranging from being an Educator, Lead Educator, Assist Director and  Director. Michelle is passionate about sustainability and caring for country, and nurturing each child, so they reach their full potential in a warm, caring and educational setting.


As a mother of three grown children and one grandchild (who attends Kingdom Kids), Michelle has a rich history of working with and caring for young people. She calls Kingdom Kids- ‘ Our Kingdom Kids family’, and her philosophy is all about community engagement and fostering relationships so we can work in close partnership with our families.

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Point of Difference

At Kingdom Kids Early Learning Centres, we value community, and nurturing children to be lifelong learners. We have access to a variety of wonderful facilities and environments such as: Bush Kindy, Library, Farm (at Carbrook), our friendly Wirunya & Yurana Blue Care Residents, wide open spaces for children to engage in physical education, perceptual, fine and gross motor activities to mention a few.


Through fostering a natural pedagogy (following children’s curiosity), we incorporate a strong sense of connection with the environment. Our children learn through play, seamlessly integrated with more formal learning experiences.


For us education is more than the transfer of knowledge to the next generation. It’s the formation of the whole person. We grow active thinkers, creative inventors, problem solvers, who enjoy their cognitive capacity as well as showing consideration for others as they learn to live in community. Everything we do is Christ centred and is underpinned with a recognition that each Child is uniquely and wonderfully created in God’s image with a specific plan and purpose for their life. Our children are invited to participate in daily devotions, praise and worship and grace before mealtimes. Further to this, we seamlessly thread biblical concepts, principles and approaches through the delivery of our program and our interactions with families and the community. Your child’s intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical development are all important to us.

Kingdom Kids