“Our girls are nurtured, loved, listened to and challenged every day. Kindy days are not full of tears in our family, our girls are excited to see their teachers and their friends.”

Carbrook Mum, Kingdom Kids

Sensory play gardens at

both our centres

Fresh fruit & coffee for parents
each morning

Weekly ‘Bush Kindy’ for all children
at our campuses

Inquiry based learning model, led by our qualified educators

Weekly Farm visits (our Calvary Farm)
for all children

Great place for your child to grow
and play

A nurturing, safe home away from home

• An environment where your child can embark on the adventure of learning through play that inspires creativity and develops the whole child.

• An environment that is inclusive of all children’s needs and developments.

• Caring for Country and respect for Reconciliation Education.

• A place where the educators understand that you are your child’s first teacher and they enter into a partnership with you


Come and visit our Kingdom Kids Centres. Nestled within the two Calvary Christian College Campuses, located in Carbrook and Springwood. Kingdom Kids provides a program, for children aged 15 months to 5 years, that is designed by both your child’s natural inquiry and educators’ intentional planning to ensure that children are being nurtured as they grow.


Opening Hours
Carbrook and Springwood 
Monday to Friday
6:30am to 6:30pm


How our kids learn


Come and play, and experience how children are invited

to engage with natural spaces and ideas which promote authentic learning.

Children’s understanding of the value of the world around them is nurtured.


Learning how to interact successfully with others – these skills we know will help them grow and become resilient.


Uniting Education Early Learning operates Kingdom Kids Early Learning Centres in partnership with Calvary Christian College.

Our Early Learning program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework, designed with each child’s foundational learning progress in mind and continuing into our Pre-Prep Kindergarten Approved program.


This is followed by a seamless transition through our Junior Schools and on into the Middle and Senior School.


Your child’s learning journey begins with us. Secure your child’s learning journey, through our Early Learning Centres where children lay the foundation for a lifetime of successful learning.

Take a look at life at Kingdom Kids

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“The centre provides fun and educational incursions that allows the children to explore their environment and country”

Springwood Dad, Kingdom Kids

Our Strengths

At Kingdom Kids, your child will be inspired to launch a life-long learning journey

Your child will be empowered to be resilient, resourceful and responsible

Innovation, authenticity and inquiry will characterise your child’s learning

Your child will feel safe, supported and secure


We invite your child to learn in unique contexts and environments that go beyond the classroom

You and your child will belong to a caring christian community where strong, enduring relationships are built

We recognise that every child is unique - each with their own gifts, talents and capabilities

Your child will be enchanted by the exhilaration of play-filled learning


Qualified Teachers and Educators

Our professional and caring staff embrace diversity and promote equity and success for all children by recognising and valuing different ways of knowing, being and learning.

Kristen Reilly

Director, Carbrook

Cass Mooney

Director, Springwood