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Growing the whole child

At Kingdom Kids Early Learning Centres, we value community, and nurturing children to be lifelong learners. We have access to a variety of wonderful facilities and environments such as: Bush Kindy, Cooking Classes, Library, Farm (at Carbrook), our friendly Wirunya & Yurana Blue Care Residents, wide open spaces for children to engage in physical education, perceptual, fine and gross motor activities to mention a few.

Through fostering a natural pedagogy (following children’s curiosity), we incorporate a strong sense of connection with the environment. Our children learn through play, seamlessly integrated with more formal learning experiences.

For us education is more than the transfer of knowledge to the next generation. It’s the formation of the whole person. We grow active thinkers, creative inventors, problem solvers, who enjoy their cognitive capacity as well as showing consideration for others as they learn to live in community.

Everything we do is Christ centred and is underpinned with a recognition that each Child is uniquely and wonderfully created in God’s image with a specific plan and purpose for their life. Our children are invited to participate in daily devotions, praise and worship and grace before mealtimes. Further to this, we seamlessly thread biblical concepts, principles and approaches through the delivery of our program and our interactions with families and the community. Your child’s intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical development are all important to us.


Transition, Induction & First day

The first day


We understand that for some families, starting care for the first time or transitioning to a new Centre can be a ‘wobbly’ time. We seek making this journey as smooth and seamless as possible for both you and your child.




Child Care Subsidy


Another way we help to make your transition as smooth as possible, is we take care of almost everything when it comes to your CCS arrangements. Please see the fact sheet below for more information regarding CCS. Once you have assessed your child’s eligibility for CCS, all you need to do is provide your CRN’s numbers and follow our prompts.

What to bring

It is important for your child to be comfortably and appropriately dressed dependent on weather conditions and activities that they may participate in while at our Kingdom Kids Early Learning Centres.

You will need to provide the following items when bringing your child to the Centres. Please ensure that all items brought are clearly labelled with your child’s full name.

✓   Drink bottle
Please send water only for your child in a refillable bottle

✓   Hat with broad brim
(your child’s Kingdom Kids Hat is provided on your first day but they may choose to wear any broad brimmed hat)

✓   Sun safe clothing
i.e. T-shirt with sleeves, not singlets Please pack at least one full change of spare clothing, more if toilet training (this includes underwear, shirts, pants, socks, jumpers etc.). It is recommended that spare clothing reflects the current season

✓   Nappies/training pants
(if required). If children are beginning to toilet train, they should be dressed in clothing which is easily removed for toileting

✓   Bedding
We supply the sheet and bedding for rest time, at the time of enrolment

✓   Springwood centre only
Morning tea and lunch (please send freezer blocks in lunch bags to keep food fresh) (no plastic wrap/bags or plastic zip-lock bags)

Come and explore our Kingdom Kids Centres at Carbrook and Springwood and see for yourself the wonderful environment we have created for your child.

Kingdom Kids

Centre Nutrition

As nutrition is an essential factor in child development, our Centres encourage and promote the health and wellbeing of all children. We encourage a healthy nutritious diet through providing positive learning experiences during meal/snack times where nutritional foods and positive habits are developed in a happy, social environment.


Kingdom Kids Early Learning Carbrook
All meals are provided.


Kingdom Kids Early Learning SPRINGWOOD 
Afternoon tea is provided. Families provide morning tea and lunches for their children.

As a precautionary measure and to ensure that all children are protected, our Centres are nut free. All food preferences, allergies and/or intolerances are catered for. Please contact us if you would like more information or if you would like to discuss any relevant allergies and/or intolerances.

We encourage our children to get involved in all aspects of nutrition.

Take a look at the classroom cooking we offer at our centres!

Our Policies

Centre Policies and Procedures
Please see attached our comprehensive policy document which details all of our policies, procedures and approaches. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.

Kingdom Kids

Daily Fees

The daily fees* for Kingdom Kids are noted below for both Carbrook and Springwood.


Kingdom Kids Carbrook daily fees: $112
Kingdom Kids Carbrook daily fees: $102


This figure is before the Child Card Subsidy is applied. Please refer to the Services Australia website for more information